Pan Pen

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The kitchen labeling marker for restaurants that replaces labels. Specially formulated for all food prep pans including Cambro, it withstands heat and condensation yet washes off easily. Its special marking point writes directly on any non-porous surface and can be easily … Continued

The Shortening Shuttle®

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The Shortening Shuttle® waste oil transport safely and efficiently transports waste cooking oil from the fryer to the waste container. Five models assure that customers can choose a Shuttle to fit their equipment. Eliminate the headaches, mess, and bucket burn … Continued

Turbo Pot

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The Turbo Pot reverses the same technology designed to keep microprocessors cool in a computer to make cookware hot. A heat sink used in a computer is re-engineered on to the base of a piece of cookware. The fins on … Continued

Plate Mate

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The PLATE-MATE® Stacking & Serving System saves space, labor, time and money. If you have a space problem in your kitchen, we have the solution. Ideal for use as a catering plate stand and catering plate carrier. Use our site … Continued

Temperature Alert

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Temperature@lert’s ZPoint Cellular Edition monitors the ambient temperature in your refrigerator/freezer and alerts you via email, telephone, and text message when the sensor readings rise or fall outside your acceptable range. Configure your alerts, thresholds, and other indicators in Sensor … Continued

The Drain Strainer

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The Drain Strainer was invented by a former restaurant owner to protect your floor drains, wall drains and grease traps from being clogged by food solids. It also is an affordable alternative to a commercial garbage disposal. The Drain Strainer … Continued