Big Ass Fans

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Big Ass Fans gently and silently move air throughout dining rooms to ensure customers are consistently comfortable—without fluttering napkins or distracting from table conversation. You can also make your patio more comfortable with Big Ass Fans while adding to your … Continued

Equinox Louvered Roof

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Rain or shine, Equinox® Louvered Roof system creates an outdoor living space that allows you to take control of when and how you enjoy the outdoors. The Equinox® Louvered Roof system is a versatile, solar-powered, and motorized adjustable patio cover … Continued

Lava Lite Patio Heater

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The Lava Heat Lite Residential Flame Patio Heater: Portable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable! Originally designed and engineered in Italy by Mr. JR Zioni, this omni directional flame patio heater puts out an impressive 56,000 BTUs, facilitated by a … Continued