Foodie Spoon

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FoodieSpoon edible spoons have a strong, immediate impact with the consumer, both in the inventiveness of the shape/color/texture combination of our products and the richness of their taste. The smaller dimensions of our products appeal to consumers by providing an … Continued

Obol – Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

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Obol® has two sections—an upper area for your cereal, and a lower reservoir for milk. Scoop a spoonful of your cereal into your spoon, then swoop into the milk for the perfect bite every time. Obol® is also great for … Continued

Temperature Alert

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Temperature@lert’s ZPoint Cellular Edition monitors the ambient temperature in your refrigerator/freezer and alerts you via email, telephone, and text message when the sensor readings rise or fall outside your acceptable range. Configure your alerts, thresholds, and other indicators in Sensor … Continued

Lava Lite Patio Heater

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The Lava Heat Lite Residential Flame Patio Heater: Portable, powerful, easy to use, and affordable! Originally designed and engineered in Italy by Mr. JR Zioni, this omni directional flame patio heater puts out an impressive 56,000 BTUs, facilitated by a … Continued

The Drain Strainer

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The Drain Strainer was invented by a former restaurant owner to protect your floor drains, wall drains and grease traps from being clogged by food solids. It also is an affordable alternative to a commercial garbage disposal. The Drain Strainer … Continued